mediAvatar iPod Transfer

mediAvatar iPod Transfer 3

iPod Transfer Program

mediAvatar iPod Transfer is a very useful software program to own for iPod and iPhone owners. This software makes managing the transfer of songs, photos, videos, podcasts from your iTunes to your device and a lot of other functions.

mediAvatar iPod Transfer allows iPod/iPhone to iTunes transfer with ease as it supports the latest iPod touch and iPhone firmware. Not only that, it allows you to manage media transfer to multiple iPods (up to 26 iPods) at once and manage your iPhone as a portable hard disk.

This product also includes support for other Apple products like iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, and iPod Touch. Installing mediAvatar iPod Transfer to your iPod enables you to transfer and copy files from your iPod to any computer.

Manage playlists with this tool: create and edit playlists, remove and add songs anytime. mediAvatar iPod Transfer is also a good tool for backing up contents of your iPod to your PC.